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20-20 Is it cricket?

The shortest format of the beautiful game is here to stay.But the question is, Is it really cricket? I have been watching cricket since I was a kid but think that 20-20 is too much of commercialization.

Is it cricket

The Indian Premier League is the most famous of the local 20-20 leagues.There is hard hitting sixes and fours and it is loved by fans across the globe. It is perfect way to advertise cricket. But does it have enough to showcase the skills.

The colorful logos and payments attract players from around the world. Every evening is filled with excitement. Large TV viewership,full stadiums and betting galore.That is 20 20 cricket for you.Mind it, it was never introduced by India. The first experiment was by England, but they did not promote it. I cannot understand the reason for not starting their own league. Caribbean league,big bash in Australia all are money spinners.They indeed produce new talents like the dynamic David Warner form big bash or skillful Murali Vijay from IPL.

My thoughts are different in this respect.Test cricket still is the best form of cricket. Sixes and fours may be cheered, but there is no beautiful site than a batsman grinding a century against a fiery pace bowler or a skillful spinner. That happens only in test cricket.20-20 cricket can be used to recognize talent but Test cricket can only help hone the talent. So what is going to be the future. ICC is tweaking with idea of test cricket in the evening. Believe me it will ruin the beautiful game. Let it be as it is.