Cricket and Injuries

Injuries in Cricket

Injuries and Cricket have a long history. Many careers have been altered due to injuries and even some lives lost. The recent one being the Phil Hughes story. It was really sad end to his career. Head injuries however are very rare due to the modern protective gear. The top injuries which alter careers are:

  1. Hamstring Strain – Cricket is a sport which puts a lot of pressure on the lower half of the leg, especially the hamstring. Bowlers and batsmen both are affected. Bowlers more as their part of the game is more demanding on the body. It accounts for around 15% of all cricket injuries. Bowlers should take special care as they are the most affected by this injury.
  2. Lower Back pain – This is the injury which forced Michael Clarke to take an early retirement from Cricket. It mostly happens due to bending for long periods and the most common injury among Test Batsmen who bat for long periods. It accounts for around 10% of all injuries.Muscle strengthening can help but once this injury comes up it invariably shortens the career.
  3. Side Strain – It is the tearing of internal oblique muscle. It mostly happens to bowlers and takes 3 to 4 weeks to come back to the game. It is not career threatening but is the most common injury. Accounts for over 40% of cricket injuries.

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